Fruit and Berry Fragrances

Handcrafted here on our farm! These soaps are fantastically fruity and berrylicious fragrances. They're the perfect shower companion for weekends, summertime, or a kitchen sink bar. Goat milk soap is the epitome of soap luxury. The milk comes from our own registered Pygora goats, and from two local friends' smallholding dairy goat herds. All of our products are palm oil free which aids both the environment and individuals stricken with autoimmune conditions.

Our handcrafted soaps are beautiful to look at, luxurious to use, and a delight to the nose. You might be tempted to think "these are too nice to use", please know we're flattered and we want you to use them! Using handcrafted soap will spoil you, and you deserve that.

We use no plastic in packaging our soaps. There is a paper label affixed to a piece of viable seed paper. These are wrapped to the soap by a length of natural fiber sock weight yarn. We encourage you to plant this seed paper and move the plantlings outdoors to where the blooms can attract bees in search of food to produce honey. The seeds are a mix of 12 non-invasive wildflowers.

We monitor our ingredients and practices with the advantage of years of scientific techniques that became routine to us in the clinical lab setting. Coupled with a unique childhood that allowed learning medicinal herb craft and a variety of lost homesteading "arts", as well as a prior career in design & marketing, our products are contemporary and relevant. We spend our days creating products designed to work, to simplify your life and support minimalism, packaged to help shrink the carbon footprint, and which will aid one in moving away from reliance on big-box. We are honored to work with and for you!
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