Kitty Kickerz
Chip with Small Kitty Kickerz

Kitty Kickerz

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  • Catnip filled comfort and prey toy.
  • Kitty approved by our own fur babies
  • Handcrafted

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Kitty Kickerz are soft, catnip and batting filled, and have been lovingly handmade for your kitty with our very own hooman paws! Kittens to geriatric cats love them. The shape encourages prey-engaging behavior, and the catnip entices the kitty to the toy. Don't be surprised if you catch some super cute photos of your kitty just sleeping on their new Kickerz like a pillow! These kozies have been extensively tested by our own pride of fur babies and have passed every test with flying colors. We have been crafting these for about 20 years now and our kitties never tire of them. We think you'll approve, as well.

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