Non greasy lotions that absorbs quickly and leaves a silky smooth feeling to your skin without harsh synthetic ingredients that may do more harm than good? Yes! We've developed our lotions to address the freezing dry winter and blazing dry summers we have here in Eastern Oregon. If it works for us, we feel optimistic it will work for you - and customers from all over the country seem to agree. We invite you to give it a try and experience for yourself.

We monitor our ingredients and practices with the advantage of years of scientific techniques that became routine to us in the clinical lab setting. Coupled with a unique childhood that allowed learning medicinal herb craft and a variety of lost homesteading "arts", as well as a prior career in design & marketing, our products are contemporary and relevant. We spend our days creating products designed to work, to simplify your life and support minimalism, packaged to help shrink the carbon footprint, and which will aid one in moving away from reliance on big-box. We are honored to work with and for you!
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Farmers Friend Salve
Hand & Body Lotion
Lavender Oil
Serenity Oil
Warm Heart Massage Lotion Candle