We raise meat birds. Each has a specific flavor profile to accommodate your culinary needs.

Chickens: Cornish Cross are our breed of choice for broiler birds. This is a heavy breasted breed with large legs and thighs. We raise two batches a year, spring and fall. Due to the breed characteristics they are not well suited to raising during our winters and summers. Average weight is around 5-5.5 pounds in the spring batch and 4.5-5.25 pounds in the fall batch. We offer about 60 birds per batch for sale.

Ducks: We are raising Pekin Ducks. They have a lighter, less gamey taste than the other meat breeds. The fat is clear and flavorful. Our ducks have free range and assist with weeding. We raise a few batches of ducks throughout the year and are working towards a year round production.

Turkeys: We alternate between raising heritage and broad-breasted varieties of turkeys to provide a variety of sizes of birds for our customers. Heritage breeds process at about 7-16 pounds. Broad-breasted varieties process between 12-29 pounds. For reference, 24 pounds is about the largest bird a home oven will accomodate, while a commercial oven will top our at about 29 pounds (in our own and customers' experiences). We have been asked to raise both varieties in the same year, but we have found the differences in living conditions, feed ratios, and growth rates are not ammenable to both varieties of turkeys coexisting well.

Geese: Our geese are French Talouse Geese. This breed does well on smallholding farms, and are often used in pastoral background scenes in movies. Their other claim to fame as a breed is that they are "the" pate de fois gras goose. However, due to the specific manner of feeding required to meet this specific use we will never raise for pate as we consider the practice of gavage to be barbaric and abusive to the animal. We have not increased our flock to the point where we've considered raising them for meat. We may do this in the future if there is consumer interest in responsibly raised goose meat.

Our birds are fed a hand mixed blend of organic local grains. They have access to fresh air, fresh water, sunlight, grass, bugs and fresh leafy garden produce. We do not include hormones or antibiotics in their feed. Reservations on our poultry fill fast as they are becoming highly sought after. We recommend reserving your birds about 6 months ahead of time, though we do hold back a number of birds in the spring batch for sale at La Grande Farmers Market, and at Cats Paw Farm Mercantile. Our poultry is processed locally by a USDA facility and is conveyed to you after freezing. Please contact us for current availability.
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