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Our Plant Crafts are created from herbs, flowers, roots, and leaves of plants which have historical purposeful use. We grow our plants, or source organic for what won't grow here. Most of our recipes are a beautiful combination of previous generations folkloric knowledge coupled with contemporary science and ingredient properties. All of our products are palm oil free which aids both the environment and individuals stricken with autoimmune conditions.

We monitor our ingredients and practices with the advantage of years of scientific techniques that became routine to us in the clinical lab setting. Coupled with a unique childhood that allowed learning herb craft and a variety of lost homesteading "arts" , as well as a prior career in design & marketing, our products are contemporary and relevant. We spend our days creating products designed to work, to simplify your life and support minimalism, packaged to help shrink the carbon footprint, and which will aid one in moving away from reliance on big-box. We are honored to work with and for you!

*FDA Disclaimer: There is no scientific evidence that these products work. The product claims are based only on theories that are not accepted by most modern medical experts.
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Cool and Fresh Lini-Mint
Kloss Linament
Lavender Mint Toner and Spray
Cleansing Wash Concentrate
Thieves Formula Skin Wash
Oregon Grape & Echinacea Linament
Aloe Vera Extract
Beat the Heat Spray
Triple Flower Spray