Benefits of Sheet Masks

Well honestly, is there much a good face mask can't cure? They are amazing at addressing skin woes, minimizing pore, blemish reduction…and they're great for your stress level because you have to stop and relax for 15-30 minutes while you're wearing it. So that crappy day at school, the office, with the kids, whatever…is going to fade away while you hang out and do nothing but breathe and chill and let your face mask give you beautiful skin.

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Masks trap moisture and beneficial ingredients in the skin and creates a film that helps to hydrate, moisturize, dry, exfoliate, restore, protect, refine, firm, brighten… (depending on the mask recipe.) Face masks are designed to allow ingredients to penetrate into the skin in a short amount of time.

Ok, but what's a Sheet Mask?

You are probably familiar with clay masks, but…what the what is a sheet mask? Sheet masks came out of the K-Beauty trend. K-Beauty is short for Korean Beauty Trends.

K-Beauty’s rise in popularity in the West began several years ago, when products in quirky, eye-catching packaging began appearing in specialty cosmetic stores. These new offerings boasted an ingredient list both fascinating and provocative, sparking conversation and debate around worrisome elements like snail slime and squid ink. In spite of (or perhaps helped by) the controversy raised by its sometimes unsettling recipes, K-Beauty has continued to grow in popularity here in the U.S, and beyond because there are some fantastic ideas here and a lot of them utilize things you probably already have in your kitchen. 

Seriously there are some amazingly wonderful beauty ideas that have come from K-Beauty so let's take a look at the benefits of sheet masks! 


The fabric used prevents water evaporation allowing for better absorption of the mask solution and maintains skin hydration.

Anti-Oxidant Properties

Due to phenols and bioflavonoids (see my blog post … ) many masks have anti-ox properties and can prevent free radical damage to keep skin healthy…and remember free radical eradication is anti-aging

Budget Friendly

Doing stuff at home saves money! Sheet masks are like a stay-cation for your face!! Check out my line of Mask Powders and combine them with the liquid of your choice - you save money over those big-name masks, and you'll probably actually use them more! Win win win!!!


You can customize the solutions…need some of the benefits from a couple different formulas? No worries, mix that goodness together! The Mask Powders I make here at Cats Paw are tagged below. You can use these with the liquid of your choice. I love green tea, milk, and even diluted lotion for these. You can mix them thicker for a clay mask experience or dilute for sheet masks. Each jar has about 10-20 masks worth of powder depending on how you mix it.

Enjoy exploring Sheet Masks!! 

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