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Hi! I'm R'Chel and I'm responsible for the formulation and creation of over 700 products on our little farm. You'll find a wide variety of items that are Grown Here, Raised Here, and/or Crafted Here with Love and attention to detail. All of our products are used in our home by our family. Some of our recipes are heirloom generational recipes. We grow a lot of what we use, and we grow it with organic practices. We raise Pygora Goats and often have available goaties. We are currently taking reservation for Spring 2022 kids.Cats Paw Farm Mercantile, Union OR

100% Natural Handcrafted Small-Batch, Artisan-Crafted Soap.

Our Ingredients are sourced Organic whenever humanly possible, and as close to the source of origin as we can get. All of our goat milk comes from our own herd of Pygora goats, and from a couple of local friend's herds of milking goats. We source our oils as close to the source as possible from ethical companies who have high standards and take their stewardship seriously. Specialty ingredients in our soaps such as beer, coffee, or tea are brewed, roasted, and grown by people we have a direct relationship with. We cure each batch under our own watchful eye to ensure a beautiful, hard, long-lasting bar of soap. 

Clean Beauty is important at Cats Paw Farm.

Clean beauty products are made without ingredients that are shown or suspected to harm human health.

The governing body for the cosmetics and skincare industry is okay with  substances such as parabens, phalates, formaldehyde, lead and more to be used in products we use on ourselves and family each day. And, while they allow this - We Do NOT!

Our dedication to Clean Beauty means that a product is safe, non-toxic, effective, and has transparent labeling of ingredients - generally at a fraction of the cost of unclean beauty products, too. We source Organic and Sustainable Ingredients. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from Clean Beauty products from Cats Paw Farm. You are worth it.

Bringing in the Goats from the back pastureHow Cats Paw is Different

Cats Paw Farm is the culmination of a lifetime of experience and education. I started my journey at the side of incredible grandmothers. Seeing that I experienced horrible rashes, burning, and peeling skin when exposed to synthetic detergents, they armed me at an early age with the ability to create natural soap. As I entered my teen years I was increasingly envious of friends who could use any beauty product while I struggled with an increasing number of ingredient sensitivities.  I started formulating natural lotions, moisturizers, skin care, and hair care. 

In between then and now I've completed several degrees in the scientific field to ensure an understanding of ingredients, formulating,  skin and hair. I've worked in corporate settings and hospitals, but working with  women and men looking for beauty and skin care products that are earth friendly, toxin-free, and effective is my passion. I've been formulating skin care, soaps, and culinary products for over 45 years now. Take a look through the website, and please let me know how I can help you natural skin care journey!

About Our Packaging

Is sustainable packaging important to you? Here's what Cats Paw Farm is doing on our end!

The ability to reuse and recycle isn't a new thing. I remember volunteering at recycling centers with my family as a child. We smashed cans, and broke bottles and helped prepare the metal and glass to be given new life. Plastic packaging wasn't really a thing back then, and yes I may be dating myself and that's ok. I remember when plastic wasn't prevalent, and it saddens me to have watched it become mainstream. It gives me hope that a few companies are finding new ways to give plastic a new life. But, there is just so much of it....Inside Cats Paw Farm Mercantile

When I first packaged my products I too opted for the cute plastic bottles that were common for beauty and skin care products. There really wasn't a lot of choice to do otherwise. And seemingly overnight, the beauty industry became one of the biggest sources of plastic container waste. So many years ago I made the decision to change that in our company. Our products are packaged in glass and metal containers that are infinitely recyclable. Every recycling center accepts metal and glass. 

I admit that we do have to use plastic pumps and sprayers as glass bottles are not "squeeze" friendly, and we have sourced companies who are using recycled plastic for these. We have many customers who ship back empty bottles for sterilization, keep their pump, and order refills (which we can ship with a metal cap - just mention at checkout you still have your pump/sprayer.)

Our soap packaging uses NO plastic. There is no plastic overwrap or shrink wrap. We use a paper label with light adhesive that is affixed to a handcrafted sheet of seed paper. The seed paper is created by a small company in the US and contains a blend of 12 non-invasive wildflowers that bees and butterflies love. This paper is plantable indoors and out and grows some really nice garden plants that will draw pollinators to your space and sustain them. We tie our labels on with leftover yarn from our family's knitting projects (much of that yarn is hand-dyed here and comes from animals local to us!) 

We are proud to be part of the Clean Beauty movement, and to also be part of the solution to the beauty industry waste issue. Thank you for trusting us to be looking out for you, your family, and the future of our planet! We don't believe in just selling you something and washing our hands of you. We consider you part of our little farm family and we LOVE spoiling our family. So take a peek inside our store and let us know if you need any help or recommendations! We're happy to help. :)

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